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Where to buy raw manga

Where to buy raw manga

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Ok, I kinda forgot I was doing this, but the same person prodded me that I'm not telling her enough places to go shopping when she comes down for AX. So I'll see how many I can do until I forget again.

Book Off in Costa Mesa
2955 Harbor Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92628

(South side of the plaza)

*Used Japanese manga (~35% of the store)
*Used Japanese books (~20% of the store)
*Used Japanese/English CDs (15% of the store)
*Used Region 1 & Region 2 DVDs (~10% of the store)
*Used Japanese and English magazines and artbooks (~5% of the store)
*Used English books (~9.5% of the store)
*Used English manga (~5% of the store)
*Used English comic books (~0.5% of the store)

*Used Japanese manga: $3-$8, clearance items $1
*Used Japanese books: $3-$15, clearance items $1
*Used Japanese/English CDs: $8-$30, clearance items $3
*Used Region 1 & Region 2 DVDs: $8-$70, no clearance items
*Used Japanese and English magazines and artbooks: $4-$45, clearance items $1
*Used English books: $3-$30, clearance items $1
*Used English manga: $6-$9, no clearance items
*Used English comic books: $1

This store shares a small parking lot with Marukai (Japanese supermarket), a credit union, and a florist. The parking is ALWAYS rather busy, but it's mostly people who are making a quick visit to the credit union, so if you can't find a spot, wait for someone to leave, it never takes very long.

I have found some nice things here, but nothing of the "Oh my god, this is so rare!" variety, all my best finds at this store have been of the "Oh my god, this is so NEW!" type. So if you want to try your luck finding new items for used prices, then you'll probably like this place a lot better than I do. I expect that most of their items are overstock from the nearby Kinokuniya rather than things that people have brought in to sell, hence the high volume of new stuff. They really are just like new, too, I've bought many things here that was even still in shrink-wrap.
(blatantly plagiarized from my previous review)
Book Off also buys used books, CDs, and DVDs, but I wouldn't recommend selling to them if you're hoping to make money: They give you approximately 1% of the purchase price on books, 10% on CDs, 25% on DVDs, and 10% on magazines and artbooks. The only time I bring books to sell is when I was going to donate them to charity anyway.

Book Off is similar to a vintage clothing store: They get new things all the time, and things get sold all the time. You can find wonderful things, but only if you look. Fortunately, the shelves are pretty well organized, so you don't have to spend hours inspecting every little thing (though everyone I've brought there HAS anyway).

Overall Rating: 6.5/10 (Good place to hunt for new stuff at good prices, but you'll probably make up the difference in gas to go there, so only go if it's on your way or not too far.)
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