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CLAMP - Tokyo Babylon Photographs

Scan FAQ
  • Thank you for sharing! :D
  • (no subject) - verduistering
  • Thank you!!
  • Thanks for the scans. ;D
  • Hello, thank you for sharing this! I'd like the password please~

    This will be excellent reference for Tokyo Babylon cosplay. :)
  • Thank you so much! I've noticed this terrible lack of proper scans for TB photographs and was wibbling over ripping apart my copy, so this is very appreciated.
  • Thank you :)
    I would like the password please.
  • Thank you for scanning and uploading this. I've set my account to receive messages ^__~
  • Thank you! XD
  • Thanks a lot for sharing ^^
    May I have the pw, please?
  • thank you!
  • May I have the password, please~~? <3 Thanks for sharing!
  • Thank you for scanning these. Please send the password when you have some time.
  • Thank you for scanning this! I've been wanting for years to have it in digital format *__* May I have the password? :3
  • May I have the password, please?

    Thanks in advance! :D
  • thanks so much for scanning this! May I have the password, please?
  • Thx!

    Password, plz?
  • I'd like the password for this one too, thank you! <3
  • thank you sooo much ♥
  • Woah, thanks a lot. This almost feels like synchronicity, I just spent the weekend looking for scans of this. I made a bunch of icons with what I managed to find, with this I'll probably make a bunch more, it makes me ridiculously happy.
  • ajdshkfjhgfkgj THANKS! password please! <3
  • Spreadability of Clamp (like strawberry jam, mmm)

    I haven't downloaded it yet ^__^

    Instead I want to go into a little digression:

    I love how everyone wants to share Clamp like a good piece of toast. In my opinion, scanning/borrowing/viewing before buying things does not defer me from future purchases.

    Do you share the same opinion?
    Oh yes, thank you! I don't want to just thank you bc that seems rude : x
  • Could I have the password?
    Thanks for sharing!!!!
  • Thank you for taking the time to scan this! May I have the password please? Thank you again. ^_^
  • I would like to have the password please.
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