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there is no forever

Scan FAQ

Scan FAQ

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Q: Who scanned these things?
A: I did.

Q: Where did you buy these things?
A: Bookoff or Kinokuniya.

Q: I have trouble with that server, can you upload it to another one?
A: I don't want to take the time. Ask someone else to do it.

Q: Can I use your scans to make icons/wallpapers/layouts/other graphics?
A: Yes (That's kind of the point).

Q: Can I use your scans to make translations?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I use your scans to make scanlations?
A: Ask me first, I will probably say yes. But you MUST ask first.

Q: Can I put your scans in my site's image gallery?
A: Yes. I always like people to link me (http://marissa.minitokyo.net or http://photoshop-diva.livejournal.com), but it's not absolutely necessary.

Q: Can I upload these scans to Minitokyo/Animepaper?
A: They're already uploaded at both those sites (usually more than double the batch download size, too).
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