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May 14th, 2007

Where to buy raw manga

So today a scanlator friend asked where I get manga. And whenever I have non-local friends come down to the area (usually for AX), they ask me where to get manga. I escort them, but I can't and won't escort just anyone who asks me.

BTW, "local" to me is less than 1 hour's driving distance (with light traffic), which equals around a 60-mile radius of Pasadena.

So, I'll start this little feature with my most frequented manga source:

Book Off in Gardena
1610 W. Redondo Beach Blvd., Unit #E8
Gardena, CA 90247

(East side of the plaza, next to Ten Ren Tea.)

*Used Japanese manga (~35% of the store)
*Used Japanese books (~25% of the store)
*Used Japanese/English CDs (15% of the store)
*Used Region 1 & Region 2 DVDs (~15% of the store)
*Used Japanese magazines and artbooks (~5% of the store)
*Used English books (~2.5% of the store)
*Used English manga (~2.5% of the store)

*Used Japanese manga: $3-$8, clearance items $1
*Used Japanese books: $3-$15, clearance items $1
*Used Japanese/English CDs: $8-$30, clearance items $3
*Used Region 1 & Region 2 DVDs: $8-$70, no clearance items
*Used Japanese magazines and artbooks: $4-$45, clearance items $1
*Used English books: $3-$5, clearance items $1
*Used English manga: $6-$9, no clearance items

This store shares a large parking lot with Marukai (Japanese supermarket) and several small cafés and gift shops. I have NEVER had trouble finding parking here, even on busy weekends.

Book Off also buys used books, CDs, and DVDs, but I wouldn't recommend selling to them if you're hoping to make money: They give you approximately 1% of the purchase price on books, 10% on CDs, 25% on DVDs, and 10% on magazines and artbooks. The only time I bring books to sell is when I was going to donate them to charity anyway.

Book Off is similar to a vintage clothing store: They get new things all the time, and things get sold all the time. You can find wonderful things, but only if you look. Fortunately, the shelves are pretty well organized, so you don't have to spend hours inspecting every little thing (though everyone I've brought there HAS anyway).

This is one of three Book Offs I frequent, and this one is my favorite: The staff are friendly and mostly very knowledgeable, and I've found more rare items/good deals here than at the other two Book Offs combined.

Overall Rating: 10/10 (You won't regret going)

March 31st, 2007

Wish/Trade List

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Non-Anime MediaCollapse )

If you're selling anything with a star (*) next to it, offer it up, I'll give you a massive discount on trades (If it has specifications listed, you only get the discount if it meets my expectations, of course). If you don't want to trade, I'll buy it from you.

Don't have anything on my wishlist? (It's so long, are you sure?) Offer up what you're willing to trade, I'll see if there's anything I like. If not, you can always buy me a gift card or try your hand at doing my bidding. ^_~
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